Service in CMA: An Introduction

Service work is an important part of how we carry the message to those in need of recovery. Our work in service ensures that when someone is in need there is a phone number to call, a meeting list or website available, a news piece that accurately reflects what we do in CMA, a brochure to answer questions, a meeting to attend, or a chip to encourage.

Service can be as simple as chairing a meeting, greeting, setting up before and cleaning up after a meeting, making the coffee or preparing refreshments, handing out chips or maintaining a phone list. If you would like to do a little more then maybe being a General Service Representative (GSR) would be a great way to get involved as a connection between an individual meeting and the area level.

Just as freedom for the individual comes from The Twelve Steps, so freedom for the group comes from The Twelve Traditions. The Traditions help us keep our focus, in all that we do, on the greater good of the fellowship as a whole. Unlike most corporations, governments and political parties, CMA is not “directed” by officers or elected representatives, rather our organizational powers flow from the member groups. Our structure is described as an inverted one, in which the groups provide spiritual guidance to the General Services Conference and Board of Trustees via the Districts and Area assemblies. All service levels reach up to support the next. In this model, all service positions have one ultimate goal: to protect and serve the fellowship as a whole.

The Minnesota Area of Crystal Meth Anonymous is directly responsible for supporting the individual groups and meetings in the Minnesota Area. Each meeting elects or appoints a General Service Representative (GSR) who is responsible for attending Area meetings and being the voice of that groups collective conscience. They carry information between their group and Area and vote in matters presented at the area level.

Two delegates are elected by the Area to attend the General Services Conference (GSC) that is held annually. These delegates carry the voice of the Minnesota Area to the GSC and vote on matters, in accordance with that voice.

The Minnesota Area consists of several committees and service positions. Every position, with the exception of the hotline coordinator, has a chair and a co-chair. These positions are:

  • Area Chair / Co-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chips and Literature
  • Events
  • Hospitals and Institutions
  • Public Information
  • Hotline Coordinator

Fore more information on service at the World Services level, please visit

“Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to crystal meth addicts, and to practice these principles in all of our affairs.” – Step Twelve

“Our common welfare should come first. Personal recovery depends on CMA unity.” – Tradition One

“Final responsibility and ultimate authority for CMA world services should always reside in the collective conscience of the Fellowship of CMA as a whole.” – Concept One