Online Meeting Resources

Due to COVID-19 many meeting locations are restricting access or closed. Some of these meetings have changed to online formats using various video conferencing systems. These meetings can be attended from your computer or mobile device using the conferencing software (audio and video) or by dialing in from a phone (audio only). You can join in whatever capacity you are comfortable joining and however your current situation allows.

Meeting etiquette applies to online meetings just as it does in an in-person meetings.

  • Please keep yourself muted unless you are called on and raise your hand (usually a feature of the software) if you wish to share
  • Respect everyone if you use the chat feature. So not send private messages you would not be comfortable sharing with everyone. If you are not paying attention it just might end up there.
  • Be aware that, if you use video, others will be able to see you. Be respectful with your words and your actions.

We have put together some information to help trusted servants conduct a meeting with both security and anonymity in mind. Please review this document if you are currently hosting a meeting or are considering doing so.

Resources for Group Chairs and Meeting Hosts

If you would like your meeting listed or would like assistance starting an online meeting please contact us.

More online meetings, from around the world, can be found on the CMA World Services web site at