Meeting Directory

We have added “Online Meetings” to our directory as a solution to the current restrictions many of our meeting groups are facing. If you or your group would like more information about how to start a virtual meeting, please contact us. Our hope is to update this list as we begin to get more groups on-line and find alternative ways to support our fellowship.

The Minnesota Area of Crystal Meth Anonymous provides a list of meetings that are registered with us. To find a meeting, use the “Find a meeting” link. The list will default to all of today’s meetings. You can search and filter meetings by using the dropdowns at the top. You can sort by city, day, time and type. A map view of the Minnesota Area is also available to find a meeting close to you.

If you would like to add a meeting to our list, update a current meeting or remove a meeting that no longer exists, please use the “Add or Update” link and complete the form.

If you have recently attempted to attend a meeting that was not at the indicated location, or the location is not correct i.e. the address listed is a parking structure, please use the “Report problem” link and let us know which meeting it was. We will reach out and attempt to get updated and correct information.

We have also provided a downloadable and printable PDF of all meetings in our directory, sorted by city.