Seventh Tradition

Membership in CMA is in no way contingent upon financial support of the fellowship. Yet groups, areas, regions and the CMA General Services all have necessary expenses that must be paid. Our funds must come from within — our spiritual principal of self-support requires this. Crystal Meth Anonymous is entirely self-supporting — no outside contributions are accepted.

Every CMA group ought to be fully self-supporting,
declining outside contributions.

– Seventh Tradition

By keeping Crystal Meth Anonymous self-supporting, we help make sure CMA will be there for those in need of recovery. Many members whose lives are being restored by working a program express their gratitude by giving back to the fellowship. Most of us were dependent on others during our using and only looked to see what we could take from life. In our selfish pursuits, we lost our integrity and gained nothing. Through observing the Seventh Tradition, we learn to take responsibility for ourselves and, therefore, grow in our recovery. 

Making A Contribution

Online contributions are currently limited to Venmo. We apologize for any inconvenience. To make your contribution via Venmo, please use one of the following forms. If you are an individual making a contribution to the Minnesota Area, please use the Individual Contribution form. If you are making a Seventh Tradition contribution on behalf of a meeting or local fellowship in the Minnesota Area, please use the Group Contribution form. All fields on the form are required. Once you have submitted the form with your information you will receive an email which will contain the Venmo QR code that you can scan to send your payment via Venmo.